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Custom Software Development

When out of the box software can’t satisfy your complex business needs, we will identify and develop the best solution for your most difficult technical requirements and business challenges. Imagine Nation Software can build the exact applications you need. Applications that use the hardware and systems you have. Custom applications that meet your unique requirements perfectly.

We specialize in custom software development and programming. Our process has been built and fine-tuned based on years of delivering software projects to our clients. We have a clear understanding of business needs, market trends, expertise in technology, and best practices in custom software development and programming.

Web Development and Cloud Integration

Your marketing strategy is dependent on the health of your web site; your conversion rates are dependent on the quality of your landing pages; your ability to improve is based on the value of the data gathered and how it’s analyzed; and the ability to scale and maximize ROI is dependent on your ability to integrate all of these valuable pieces of a business. Imagine Nation Software will help you leverage technology in cutting-edge, Internet-based solutions that work now. And will continue to work in the future. We build websites from scratch or we can change and update a website that is already up and running. Our websites are developed with the latest technology and industry trends with complete front-end and back-end development.

Nowadays, the right cloud solution can run almost all of your business procesess: marketing, operations, sales, and more. Cloud-based applications and services provide a quick way to lower costs, improve collaboration, support new business initiatives and provide self-service capabilities to your customers, partners and employees. Cloud managed services offer the added benefits of outside IT infrastructure and expertise. The challenge lies in connecting your on-premise people, systems, applications and processes to the cloud without compromising enterprise security, privacy, compliance and reliability. Imagine Nation Software should be your technology partner to get you properly integrated with the right solution.

Migration and Modernization

If you have existing legacy applications, we can help you cost effectively migrate them to new technologies. We can also extend the life and functionality of your current systems through modernization. The modernization process retains the existing application and allows you to move components of the application into new environments.

Imagine Nation Software ensures that your existing applications stay relevant to today's business environment by improving the user experience, delivering better workflow and enabling integration with other systems. Legacy Modernization can take many different forms but the essence is about delivering additional business benefit from existing systems. Our aim is to help you maximize improvement without needing to re-write or replace the legacy assets that currently run your business. We enhance them in support of your evolving business environment. Imagine Nation Software provides the skills and solutions that enable such a transformation journey.

Support and Maintenance

Custom software development is a long-term relationship, usually spanning many years. Whether you need occasional technical support, or desire to enhance your system further, we are committed to providing you with the very best ongoing support possible. Our Support team is highly qualified to provide timely, accurate information and assistance on of our services. Our product specialists have deep technical expertise and thousands of hours of real-world experience to answer your questions and resolve your issues. From answering simple installation questions to troubleshooting complex issues, Imagine Nation Software can help.

What we offer

Technology Partership

When making a large software investment, you need the technology insight and understanding to validate your path forward. Our experts can assist you in either leveraging your existing infrastructure or introduce the latest technology to your business to create a more secure, productive, and profitable company.

We Do Not Outsource

When a company outsources work, they also outsource their reputation and integrity.
We will NEVER send your project, your data, your company's information offshore.
When our clients hire us, they hire us.

Non-Disclosure and Work Product Ownership

We have an informal letter of engagement that acts as a non-disclosure agreement, but we are happy to sign NDA’s and other agreements that you require. The work we provide our clients is 100% owned by our clients, and we retain no rights. We will not share your information with anyone.

Three pricing options

Project Cost Model

To help you minimize that risk, we provide a free initial consultation with the purpose of defining clear deliverables, timing, and a fixed bid quote for your project. We provide a free quote. This consists of one or more meetings to go through specifications in detail. After this, we will provide a fixed price quote inwriting and estimated delivery. We stick to our quotes and only increase the invoice if the client requests scope changes along the way, which we will clearly communicate. Most of our projects are in the $5,000 – $15,000 range, with the largest in the $100,000 range and minimum in the $1,000 range.

Hourly Reimbursement Model

If our client prefers an hourly reimbursement model, or if the requirements are not defined well enough to quote, we can engage with an hourly reimbursement model. Our rates vary depending on the technology and the contracted number of hours per month, from $55 – $145.

Retainer Model

Our retainers can capture all daily project requirements or otherwise be limited to specific tasks. This can be an ongoing, or temporary arrangement depending on the clients needs. The retainer model ensures budgetary certainty and is calculated to equate to the average value of the project work over a prolonged period.